Brue Farm, Lovington,
Castle Cary BA7 7PP

Jelley Talk

Tuesdays 3.30pm

Please note these times and dates are subject to change 


In these 30 minute sessions, children will learn simple signs taught alongside the speaking and singing of words, mainly through songs and books. We will always encourage the use of signing alongside spoken language. Learning signs will not delay children’s ability to learn how to speak. It is our job as adults to show that we understand even if a child has not used the correct sign, to praise their efforts and to show them the correct sign. If you do not know a sign, then please ask or just make it up. And if you want to know any signs, please do ask! Please check the notice boards for the sign of the week.


The main aim of learning to sign alongside speaking supports the development of children’s speech, language and communication skills. These skills underpin much of children’s later development of most other skills and the UK education system. 


After your child's first session, you'll receive the alphabet and the sign of the week, every week in your child's contact book. You can also find videos on basic signs by clicking here.


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Jelley Talk Information Leaflet

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