Brue Farm Day Nursery promotes all aspects of health and well being. A vital part of this is fulfilled by encouraging and providing healthy home cooked food and snacks.

We begin by making our snack and meal times a social learning opportunity.
Our younger children have the first sitting of snack followed by the older children who are encouraged to prepare their own snack of fruit and milk with adult support.

All children will come together for a hot two course lunch and a lighter two course afternoon tea.  Everything is cooked in the nursery’s kitchen.  The emphasis will be on locally sourced food but the children will also be given opportunities to taste and explore foods from around the world.  We will also be using the produce grown by the children in the nursery garden.

To ensure all children’s individual eating requirements are met, we ask parents to provide us with the relevant information on their child’s dietary needs, including any allergies or cultural beliefs, on registration.